8 reasons to be happy to be a Slytherin

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Hello witches or wizards, today I’m going to write about “8 reasons to be happy to be a Slytherin”.

So, here we go:

Reason 1: You are ambitious, cunning, determinate and you have leadership qualities.

Reason 2: You’re in the same house as Scorpius, one of the best characters ever! 😀 😉

Reason 3: You are born as winners, without Harry, Ron and Hermione you were going to win the Hogwarts House Cup. And you also win a lot at Quidditch.

Reason 4: If you’re in Slytherin you might even be a Parseltongues.

Reason 5: Professor Snape is your house professor, one of the most incredible professors ever.

Reason 6: Green is your house color, that means that there is hope for you guys. 😉 😀

Reason 7: You have a lot of self-confidence, what lots of other people don’t have. And that is something really important.

Reason 8: You don’t mess with snakes, because their badasses. 😉 😀

That’s it, I hope you liked it. You can always leave a comment. 😀 😉

Bye, -ChH