Harry Potter theory: J.K. Rowling is really Rita Skeeter.


Hello witches, or wizards, today I am going to write about the ‘J.K. Rowling is really Rita Skeeter’ theory.

The theory is actually that Rita Skeeter was banished from living in the magical world, after we discovered she made her stories up.

So she had to live with the muggles, and started her life over again. She had really hard times, and started writing about the magical world.

This theory means that the magical world is true, and I like that. But than it also means that I am a muggle, and I don’t really like that idea. 😀 😉

I personally don’t think it’s true, because it’s a theory. And also because J.K. Rowling had really much pressure when she wrote the second book, because she had less imagination.

But I still like this theory, thanks for reading my blog release. 😉 😀