HARPs contest – Harry Potter characters


Hello witches wizards,

This weeks HARPs topic is ‘List your favorite_______’. So I’m gonna list my favorite Harry Potter characters. 😉 😀

My all time favorite Harry Potter character is (I think you know it already),

Hermoine Granger!

She’s my favorite character because she’s strong and shows what girls can do.

My all time favorite character from the boys, and my second favorite is,

Scorpius Malfoy!

Because he’s so nice, and he’s just such a great character.

My third favorite is, Luna Lovegood!

She’s one of my favorite because everybody has a little bit of Luna inside themselves.

My fourth is, Neville Longbottom!

Because (*spoiler*) without him there wouldn’t be any wizarding world left. He’s also a great character.

And my fifth favorite character is,  Severus Snape!

He’s one of my favorite because he shows what love is.

That was it. It was a short post but there’s another one coming up soon.

Don’t forget to be youself!

Bye, -ChH

HARPs points: 5 (I got two words that star with Y: your and yourself)