My Harry Potter Bookshelf


Hello witches or wizards,

Today I’m presenting to you my Harry Potter bookshelf (I know, what a surprise, the title didn’t give it away at all 😉 ).

So let’s start off with the books:


First of, I know, I know, I don’t have the Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay. Who am I?! I’m just afraid that it won’t fit next to my other books, but I will buy it someday (I hope). There’s a second copy of the chamber of secrets on top of the rest of the books for no reason at all. I found it once, took it and put it on top of the books. Now it’s there and it doesn’t bother me, so I leave it there.

Now, we move on to the wands:

Of course I have Hermione’s wand, who’s shocked? No one, as I expected 😀 . I love that girl sooooo much, and her wand is beautiful! And then I have my wand, the one I got at the Universal Studio’s. I’ll cherish them both forever. 😉

Next, we have the chocolate frog cards:


When I bought Chocolate Frogs I was so happy because I got great cards as you can see. The ones I’m the most grateful for are the one with Helga Hufflepuff (of course, as a proud Hufflepuff 😉 ) on it and the Albus Dumbledore one (of course, as a proud Hogwarts student 😉 ). And it was actually quite interesting to receive the Bertie Bott card because not a lot of people have it.

After that there is a chocolate frog “box” (I don’t know how to call it):

I really like this one, it’s made out of ceramic and it’s really, really nice. I don’t have much to say about it. Of course it didn’t come with a chocolate frog or card in it, it’s just a display peace. But a really nice one.

And, lastly, I just have some bits and bots to show you that make up some of the details:

At the far left you can see a book holder (in the picture at the beginning of the post you can see that it’s on both sides of the books). When I saw it in the shop, I was thinking: “These ones are nice 😀 “. And when I was putting my shelf together it ended up there which I think is great because it fits well with the theme.

Next we have a keychain of Hermione that my mom managed to put there. I love Hermione and love this keychain so I’m really happy with it there.

Then we have the Ollivander box my wand came in. I wanted to keep the box and it was nice in the back next to the golden leaf so I left it there, and again it fits really well.

And last of the last, Harry’s glasses that were from a costume that we had for so long. Even before I read the series, and I think the costume was my brother’s. And under that there is a Gryffindor coaster that I got from a bookshop when I bought the Cursed Child.

That is it, thanks for reading my post. Hope you liked it! And see you next time (I can’t really “see” you, but you get it 😉 )!

Bye, – ChH

HARPs contest – Harry Potter collection

Hello witches or wizards,

In my previous post I said I had two Harry Potter related ideas of the theme ‘Take us on a tour’. (You can click here to read my first idea.) In this post I’ll show you the second one.

I’m going to take you on a tour of my Harry Potter collection (which is still growing).

1: My books. The Harry Potter books, and also the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them books are all on my bookshelf.


2: A little Hufflepuff notebook that I got from a friend. You read “Poufsouffle” instead of “Hufflepuff”, because she gave it to me in French. But I think it’s really nice of her that she gave me that notebook. I think I’m going to buy me some more of those for school (but the bigger size).


3: A little Hermione Granger Pop that I had as key hanger, but that now I use as decoration. I personally think it’s really cute. 😉 😀


4: My Hufflepuff scarf that I love wearing in winter. ❤

5: My golden snitch necklace that I think is so nice to wear any time I want (I wrote a post about it that you can read here).


6: And last but not least, my 9 and 3/4 earrings that go with everything.


That was it, I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I also have Hermione’s wand, but it seems that I misplaced it (I’m still searching).

Bye, -ChH

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