Why Potterheads should read City of Ghosts

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Hello witches or wizards,

I recently finished a book named ‘City of Ghosts’ by Victoria Schwab (I’m sure some of you already heard of it or even read it 😉 ). And I wanted to make a post about it 😀 .

This is a Harry Potter blog, so you might wonder why I’m talking about ‘City of Ghosts’. Here is the explanation to why Potterheads should read this book:

This is not a story about Harry Potter by any means, but it is one, that while you read it, your inner Harry Potter-fangirl comes out and is full of joy 😉 .

This book is about a girl who can pull back the veil between the human and ghost world. While she’s on a trip with her parents for their tv-show about ghosts she realizes her power is way darker than she knew. It’s set in Edinburgh and our main character is a Potterhead too. That’s why while reading the book, you just have some Harry Potter references sprinkled over the story like sprinkles on a cupcake.

This book is less than 300 pages long, so it can be a quick read (once the action starts you’ll finish it in no time). For me it was an easy, cosy read. And these Harry Potter references just put a smile on my face every time.

Even though it happens during summer holidays, because it takes place in Edinburgh where it’s mostly cold, it’s a great fall read.

And, of course the author is also a Potterhead 😉 .

That’s it! If the book sounds interesting to you, you should go pick it up!



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor city of ghosts book