International Women’s Day


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First of all, thanks for hitting 200 subscribers with me! I’m so grateful!

And second, I know what you might be thinking. ‘International women’s day? That’s not Harry Potter related.’. If you’re thinking this, you must be new. Hello and welcome to my blog! I know you’re new because you don’t know yet that I can make everything Harry Potter related.

International women’s day was Friday, so I’m making a post about it 😀

Let’s start off with a fun fact about a great brave woman, Nymphadora Tonks! Nymphadora comes from the two Greek words numphê which means “the young girl” and dôron which means “the gift”. So, her name literally means “the young girl with the gift”. And in the Greco-Roman mythology the word numphê (in Latin nympha) refers to the nymphs. So Nymphadora actually has a beautiful name, even if she doesn’t think so.

Another interesting fact about a website called . This test is about measuring equal representation of women in movies. To pass the test the movie has to have at least two (named) women in it who talk to each other about something besides a man. You may think that almost all movies have that conversation, but unfortunately that’s not true. For example the Harry Potter movies (not books) do not fall under that category.

For me, personally, one of the things I love the most in the Harry Potter books are the female characters. Like, of course, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Lily Evans and lots of other girls/women.

And we could never forget that the person that invented and created this whole world was a great and feminist woman!


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That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading my post! And happy international women’s day (’cause really it’s every day 😉 ) ❤

Bye, -ChH

How Harry Potter came into my life.


Hello witches or wizards,

A few months ago I read a great post from The Bookaholic called My journey with: Harry Potter . Make sure to check it out, it’s great. And I thought maybe I could also do a post of how Harry Potter came into my life.

Here is how it all began. I was about 8 years old, I think, and for Christmas me and  my family watched all the Harry Potter movies. Each night we watched one. I remember that my mom told me that the movies were based on really popular books. And 8 year old me was like: ‘Those must be big books! I don’t think I’ll ever read them.’ Little did I know back then that I would have a blog about it later, that’s how much I loved the books. 😉 😀

Some years later I had forgotten the movies. I remembered that I saw them, but I didn’t remember what they were about. What you need to know is that I take the bus to school and I always sit next to my friend. She was reading the Harry Potter series and she loved it so much she read it in the bus each morning. And I was like: ‘Those must be really good books.’ So I began reading them, and loved them!

That’s how Harry Potter came into my life! I hope you liked it! 😉 😀

Bye, -ChH


Mythology in Harry Potter

Hello witches or wizards,

My mother bought me a book about mythology in Harry Potter. That means, you got it, the best combination ever. Percy Jackson in Harry Potter! (Shout out to the Rick Riordan fans!) I’m just at the beginning of the fourth one and loving it!

So one of todays story is about Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix means woman warrior in Latin. It’s the female word from bellator which means man warrior. These words both come from the same family as the word bellum which means war.

Bellatrix is also a star from the constellation of Orion. It was a tradition in the Black family to give a name of a constellation or a star to your children. That shows that she is related with Orion Black, her uncle on her father’s side. 😀

The second one is about Hermione and Athena and their resemblance. By her intelligence, her knowledge, her prudence and her wisdom, Hermione can be compared with Athena. Hermione is exceptionally good in all areas to which Athena presides.

Now here is the fun part I didn’t know about: While Athena devotes herself to the arts of weaving and embroidery, of which she is the appointed protector, Hermione knits hats, socks and scarves for the Hogwarts elves. 😉

That’s it for todays post I hope you liked it 😉 :-D,

Bye, -ChH

How to get Chosen at Ollivander’s Wandshop?

IMG_2785 2IMG_2789 2

Hello witches or wizards,

Today I’m making a post about Ollivander’s wandshop at the Universal Studios.

I, of course, went to Ollivander’s wandshop. But one thing you need to know before you go there, is that they let you in not one by one but with a group of people. So in all the group they only choose one person (usually a kid or teenager) to live the experience of receiving your wand from Ollivander. The rest of the group watches you.

I got chosen by Ollivander, luckily 😀 . And I’m going to give you a tip how to be chosen, when it’s your turn, hopefully. It’s simple and something we’re all good at 😉 , show that you’re the biggest Potterhead in the room and show yourself. I did it by wearing my Hufflepuff tie.

That’s how Ollivander looked at me and said: ‘I see we have a fellow Hogwarts student in the room. Do you already have your wand?’. And of course I was like: ‘No.’. And in my head: ‘But I hope I will have it in five minutes 😀 .’ And so I became the chosen one (they called me like that, and I loved it! 😀 ).

If you don’t get to be chosen by Ollivander, there is a big wand shop behind the door of his office where everyone gets to buy his wand. And there you can choose a wand, they’re not character wands, they’re unique ones. But I think it’s more fun when you have the experience to get to be the chosen one. They also explain their composition, their skills, ect.

That’s it for my post today, I hope you all had a great first day of school back Hogwarts! I really enjoyed McGonagall’s speech this year 😀

Bye, -ChH

Harry Potter Snacks I Tasted

Hello witches and wizards,

I’m back! If you’re wondering where I’ve been, here’s the answer: I’ve been on vacation for a month. But I’m back now with loads of posts. 😀

During my vacation I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I have a lot to tell you about. I will make one post about Ollivander’s, one will be a haul and one about my experience with tips and reviews (if one day you’ll want to go there  you’ll be prepared ;-).

But today I’m writing a post about what I tasted there. From my favorite to my least favorite.

My favorite food were the Exploding Bonbons:


They were my favorite food not just because they tasted good but because they really exploded in your mouth. That made them really magical, the most magical of all the food.

My second favorite was the Butterbeer:

I was surprised I liked the Butterbeer because I’m not a fan of caramel, but it didn’t stop me from liking it. I didn’t take a whole cup because I won’t be able to finish it so I just tasted from my dad’s cup. My dad also said: “It’s just how I imagined it in the books.” And I agree with him. We took the frozen one because I did some research and apparently it’s the best of them all.

My third favorite is the chocolate frog:

IMG_2804 2

First of all I’m so happy because I bought one for me, my brother and my cousin and they both gave me their cards. So now I have Albus Dumbledore, Helga Hufflepuff and Bertie Bott! 😀 I love the packaging of all the sweets, but my favorite one is the one of the chocolate frog. The chocolate frog is just chocolate in the shape of a frog, but it’s huge and it takes more than a day to be able to finish it! 😀 .


My fourth favorite is Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans:


These sweets were my fourth favorite and they were tasty, but because of what Dumbledore had said I was afraid to get the bad ones. I had some bad ones but also good ones, and the good ones were the tasty ones.

And my last favorite sweets were the Fudge Flies:


They were my least favorite because I didn’t like the chocolate that much. I was expecting that they were filled with soft chocolate on the inside, but they were just chocolate. And the chocolate was not as tasty as the chocolate frog.

That was it, I hoped you liked it 😀 It was really fun writing this post, I enjoy being back!

Bye, -ChH


Top 6 Fred and George moments


Hello witches or wizards,

On the April Fools Day it was Fred and George’s birthday, so I’m going to write a post about them: “The Top 5 of Fred and George moments”.

Top 1: In the Order of the Phoenix, chapter 29.

When Fred and George had a big exit and professor Umbridge got so mad. They had turned the halls into a swamp. Harry said it became a legend in Hogwarts. 😉

Top 2: In the Philosopher stone, chapter 12.

They were punished because they bewitched snowballs that followed professor Quirrell and bounced against the back off his turban. So actually against Voldemort’s head.

Top 3: In the Goblet of Fire, chapter 16.

When they took a potion to be a couple months older and they tried to put there name in the Goblet of Fire. But they got rejected, and got long white beards.

Top 4: In the Prisoners of Azkaban, chapter 10.

They gave the Marauder’s map to Harry, that helped him a lot. They gave it to him as a friendship gesture (which I think is very kind). I also love it that they found the way to open it.


Top 5: In the Chamber of Secrets, chapter 3.

When they helped Harry to escape from the Dursleys. They took the flying Ford Angelia and drove it when actually they’re only 14 years old.

Top 6: In the Half Blood Prince, chapter 6

They open their shop Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes and made their dream come true. They sold lots of funny stuff and were the most popular shop in Diagon Alley. I hope one day I could go there. 😉 😀

Gerelateerde afbeelding

That’s it, I hope you liked it. I love that J.K. Rowling added Fred and George in the books because they always make me laugh.

QOTD: Which was your favorite moment?

Bye, -ChH