Harry Potter Snacks I Tasted

Hello witches and wizards,

I’m back! If you’re wondering where I’ve been, here’s the answer: I’ve been on vacation for a month. But I’m back now with loads of posts. 😀

During my vacation I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I have a lot to tell you about. I will make one post about Ollivander’s, one will be a haul and one about my experience with tips and reviews (if one day you’ll want to go there  you’ll be prepared ;-).

But today I’m writing a post about what I tasted there. From my favorite to my least favorite.

My favorite food were the Exploding Bonbons:


They were my favorite food not just because they tasted good but because they really exploded in your mouth. That made them really magical, the most magical of all the food.

My second favorite was the Butterbeer:

I was surprised I liked the Butterbeer because I’m not a fan of caramel, but it didn’t stop me from liking it. I didn’t take a whole cup because I won’t be able to finish it so I just tasted from my dad’s cup. My dad also said: “It’s just how I imagined it in the books.” And I agree with him. We took the frozen one because I did some research and apparently it’s the best of them all.

My third favorite is the chocolate frog:

IMG_2804 2

First of all I’m so happy because I bought one for me, my brother and my cousin and they both gave me their cards. So now I have Albus Dumbledore, Helga Hufflepuff and Bertie Bott! 😀 I love the packaging of all the sweets, but my favorite one is the one of the chocolate frog. The chocolate frog is just chocolate in the shape of a frog, but it’s huge and it takes more than a day to be able to finish it! 😀 .


My fourth favorite is Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans:


These sweets were my fourth favorite and they were tasty, but because of what Dumbledore had said I was afraid to get the bad ones. I had some bad ones but also good ones, and the good ones were the tasty ones.

And my last favorite sweets were the Fudge Flies:


They were my least favorite because I didn’t like the chocolate that much. I was expecting that they were filled with soft chocolate on the inside, but they were just chocolate. And the chocolate was not as tasty as the chocolate frog.

That was it, I hoped you liked it 😀 It was really fun writing this post, I enjoy being back!

Bye, -ChH


Awesome Blogger Award + The Sunshine Blogger Tag

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor awesome blogger award

Hello witches or wizards,

I got nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award by The Thoughtful Musician. Thank you    The Thoughtful Musician for nominating me!

The rules for the award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Include the reason behind the award.
  • Include the banner in your post.
  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the reader.
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
  • Give you nominees 10 new questions to answer.
  • Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated!

The reason behind the award:

This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to ad happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines a awesome blogger. This award was created by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala.

My answers to the questions: 

1) What is your favorite Easter egg? (or just chocolate in general)

Milk chocolate with praline, that’s so delicious. I’m getting hungry 😉 😀

2) How long have you been blogging for?

I started in June 2017, so for like a little bit more than a year.

3) What are your plans for the future?

I don’t really have plans for the future. I just want to have good grades at school, and finish school of course. 😀

4) What was your favorite childhood movie?

The little mermaid, when I was 2 years old I loved that movie.

5) What is your favorite season?

I think Spring, because it’s Easter and because it’s starting to get warmer, but it’s not too warm.

6) Where do you want to travel?

I want to travel to the South of Africa and London.

7) Do you own any pets? If so, what are their names?

I own two dogs, I don’t really want to say their names so I’m just going to say P and Z.

8) What is your favorite wild animal?

I don’t have one, I love all the animals. ❤ 😉

9) What do you use to access blogs? (e.g. Phone, laptop, tablet)

My phone and my laptop.

10) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

If it could be someone imaginary then I would be Hermione Granger.

My questions:

1) Which is your all-time favorite book?

2) Which is your all-time favorite tv-series?

3) Which music do you listen to these last few days?

4) What’s the first thing on your bucket list?

5) What’s your favorite city in the world?

6) Who’s your favorite Harry Potter-character?

7) Which book are you currently reading, or what was the last one you read?

8) What’s your moto? (like Hakuna Matata, …)

9) What’s your favorite expression?

10) What’s your biggest fear?

My nominees:

Happy Women’s Club

Jenavieve’s Life

The Voracious Bibliophile

The Bookaholic

Wild Sketch

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sunshine blogger tag

I also got nominated by The Voracious Bibliophile for the Sunshine blogging award. Thank you so much for nominating me!

My answers:

1) How many times exactly have you read your favorite book(s)?

I know, I know, I only read the Harry Potter books once. But in my defense, I’m pretty young, I finished them in March last year and I have so many books to read, but not enough time.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor so many books not enough time

2) What is your favorite fictional sport?

Quidditch, obviously.

3) What is your favorite fictional creature?

This one is a hard one, hmm, I guess the Niffler, the Bowtruckle, the Occamy, …

4) What are your hobbies (other than reading)?

I love dancing too, writing and blogging!

5) Have you ever written a story or a book?

Yes, here‘s the link to my short story.

6) What would you do if you got a Time Turner for a day?

I would track down the person that gave it to me and find out magic exists and I’ll be like Jacob in fantastic beasts (but I’m a girl).

7) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like my blog?

9 and 3/4. 😉

8) What is your favorite movie/TV series?

My favorite TV series are Friends and Stranger Things.

9) Would you rather spend a month of detention with Umbridge or a week in Azkaban, and why?

A week in Azkaban because I’m an Animagus so the dementors won’t affect me a lot. 😉 😀

10) What is your favorite song?

I don’t have a favorite song, I love lots of songs.

11) Make a list of 5 things you could spend your time on right now instead of answering these phenomenal questions.

Taking a shower. Be ready to go (because I’m going away for one day).

I don’t have much things to do because I’m on vacation, so…

My questions:

1) Make a top 3 of your favorite books.

2) Make a top 3 of your favorite movies/tv-shows.

3) Is it warm where you are today?

4) When did you read Harry Potter for the first time?

5) What do you love doing the most?

6) What’s your favorite book series?

7)  What do you love eating the most: chocolate cake, ice cream or chocolate chip cookies?

8) In which country would you like to live?

9) What’s your favorite quality in a person?

10) With which celebrity/celebrities (dead or alive) would you like to have dinner with?

11)  Are you more winter or more summer?

And I nominate all of you guys that have a blog and want to do this tag!

That’s it for today my next post would probably be blogging awards. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Bye, -ChH

HARPs contest – magical creatures everyone would want as a pet


Hello witches or wizards,

I know, I know I said that my last post was going to be my last HARPs post. But I came up with a great idea. So…

I’m going to list some of the magical creatures everyone would want as a pet.

Here it is:

The first on my list is the Bowtruckle. If you saw the first fantastic beasts movie you’d understand why. In the movie Newt has a Bowtruckle named Pickett. Pickett is so sweet in the movie and so cute ❤ . If I could have a Bowtruckle I would totally have one.

Related image

The second on my list is the Occamy. It’s just such a beautiful creature, with it’s wings and it’s snake-like appearance. And when you see it in fantastic beasts you see they’re just adorable.

Related image Image result for gif occamy

The third on my list is the Mooncalf. They’re all cute and I think that if you cuddle them it will be one of the best cuddle you ever had. I think you can also play with them. Their character is a little bit like dogs.

Image result for gif mooncalf Related image

The fourth on my list is the Hippogriff. It’s really nice to you (if you’re nice to him (thinking about Draco)). I think it would be so great to fly on it. It’s also a really beautiful creature.

Image result for gif hippogriff

The fifth on my list is the Niffler. I know it steals a lot of things, but I think it would be great to have it as a pet. And everybody loves a Niffler. Also, with a Niffler you would never be bored it would be really fun.

Image result for gif niffler Image result for gif niffler

I already have two magical creatures as pets:

IMG_3453 IMG_8197

That was it, this was really my last HARPs post. I hope you liked it. Here are the others magical creatures that everyone would love as a pet that I didn’t mention and they’re lots of other one. If you want I could do a second post like this.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Bye, -ChH

PS: First try making the gif, ended up laughing

IMG_1525 2

PPS: When I tried picking up my dog like in the Lion King:


HARPs points: 15 points


HARPs contest – short story


Hello witches or wizards,

Today I wrote a short story for you guys and it’s Beauxbatons related. I hope you like it.

Here it is:


Chloé Clarckeiken

Once upon a time there was a girl named Chloé Clarckeiken. On the 15thof February she was at home reading. That evening her father was making pasta with pesto and parmesan. Her mother was getting some bread at the bakery.

‘I’m done with cooking.’ said her father, ‘Can you help me set the table?’

‘Yes,’ answered Chloé, ‘I think it will be hard to wait for mom, it smells so delicious.’

She got into the kitchen and helped her father putting the plates on the table. Then, just like that, she didn’t feel well. She got to the sink and threw up.

‘Are you all right?’ asked her father.

‘No, not really,’ she answered, ‘I don’t know why I feel sick.’

‘Should I call mom?’ He asked.

When he said the word ‘mom’ she threw up again.

‘Mom.’ she said quietly.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked, ‘Is there something wrong with mom?’

‘We need to go to the bakery.’ She said without answering his question.

‘Okay,’ he said. You could hear in his voice that he was worried, even if he tried to hide it.

They went to the car, got in and drove to the bakery. The door at the bakery was half open. Chloé jumped out of the car, ran into the bakery and saw her mom lying on the floor.

‘Mom!’ she screamed, ‘Mom, wake up!’

Her father came running in after her when he heard Chloé. You could see the tears running from his eyes while he tried to reanimate her.

‘Please, mom, wake up.’ whispered Chloé one last time with a broken voice. A tear drop rolled down on her cheek.

But she didn’t wake up.

When the ambulance arrived later that night, it was hard for Chloé. The police said her mother had had a heart attack. Chloé thought it wasn’t right, but she didn’t really think about it that much.

The next two weeks were hard. She spent most of the days of the first week in her bed with her dog Scotty crying or listening to the favorite French song of her mom Mistral Gagnant – M’assoir sur un banc 5 minutes avec toi…‘ – she sang.

Then came the funeral. It was a beautiful funeral, and Chloé finally said goodbye to her mom.

‘Chloé,’ said her father after the funeral, ‘I need to talk to you. It’s time you know.’

‘Know what?’ asked Chloé. Her father took her into the car, everybody already left.

‘We’re not a normal family.’ He said, ‘We’re not muggles.’

‘Muggles?’ said Chloé not understanding the word.

‘We’re wizards,’ said her father, ‘And we lived in the wizarding world in France. But Mom had an enemy there, she threatened to kill us. So we came here a year ago, hoping she wouldn’t find us. But we were wrong.’

‘If we only came here one year ago, how come I don’t remember anything?’ asked Chloé.

‘We made you forget everything.’ He answered.

‘There is a wizarding world in France?’

‘Yes. And a school, Beauxbatons it’s called.’

‘So, my mom died two weeks ago. I’m devastated. And you are saying we’re wizards from France with an enemy threatening to kill us.’

‘I know it’s hard, and it will take some time to realize it all. But I thought you needed to know.’

‘Yeah, it’s normal. Of course, I get it,…’ she said sarcastically.

‘Chloé, you can talk to me, you know that?’

‘I need to be alone.’ She said and she got out of the car.

She thought about what her father just said: ‘A witch?’ she said to herself. ‘I knew mom didn’t die from a heart attack.’ She continued.

‘I need to fight this enemy, I need to learn to fight this enemy.’

She went back to the car, her father was waiting for her. She made a choice but didn’t say a word to her father in the car ride. When they got home she began to talk.

‘Now it’s time I talk to you.’ She said.

‘What do you need to tell me?’ asked her father.

‘It’s actually about what you need to tell me. Who is this enemy?’

‘Linda Leempunt – a very powerful witch.’ He answered.

‘Why does she hate mom?’

‘Your mom was a reporter and had found out who was behind all the fake news in the world today. It was Linda. Linda used magic to convince ordinary people that fake news was true with the objective to allow powerful wizards to control muggles. About a year ago your mom was about to publish it when Linda came and threatened to kill us. So we decided hide. Your mom was contacted by people from the wizarding world about a month ago. They also were reporters. I think Linda knew your mom was contacted, so she had her killed.’

‘Did mom say anything to these reporters?’ asked Chloé.

‘No, because Linda threatened us too. Mom wanted to keep us safe.’

‘I need to learn how to beat Linda.’ Said Chloé finally.

‘Chloé, you can’t. You’re too young.’

‘I need to learn to defend myself if she attacks me.’

‘That’s a good point,’ said her father, ‘I’ll learn you how to defend yourself.’

‘But, what about that school. Bobatonss, I think it’s called?’

‘Beauxbatons,’ corrected her father, ‘You can only go to that school if you get an acceptance letter. First we need to go back to the wizarding world in France.’


Three weeks later they were in France. Chloé learned Magic History from her father and some spells. Her father needed to ask permission to the ministry so that Chloé could cast those spells.

First she learned from her father and in September she learned from Beauxbatons. Linda could come now and do anything she wants. Chloé was ready and could defend herself.


Or not … ?

I dedicate this story to my mother who helped me set up my blog.

That was my short story. I hope you liked it. This was my last HARPs post, it was a really fun contest 😉 😀

Bye, -ChH©


HARPs points:  19 points (posted on Sunday, what’s blue is a LC)

PS: The photos were taken from the real French magazine called “le un”.



HARPs contest – favorite books


Hello witches or wizards,

Here’s the second HARPs related post, it’s about my favorite books.


My first books are from J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter. I know, shocker 😉 😀

It’s about a boy that discovers he’s a wizard. (You know the story. 😉 )

My second is the book from John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.

It’s a great book about a girl that has cancer and meets a boy that had cancer.


My third favorite book is also from John Green, Paper Towns.

It’s about a boy that goes looking for the girl he’s in love with after she disappeared.


My fourth favorite is from Nicola Moriarty, The Fifth Letter.

It’s a great book about four friends. Three of them write one letter, except one that writes two.


My fifth favorite is from J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings.

It’s about a ring that has a lot of power and that has to be destroyed before it falls into the hand of the enemy.


My sixth favorite is from Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson (the first one, I haven’t read the others yet)

It’s a great book about a boy that discovers that he’s a half-god and experiences many adventures.


My seventh favorite is again from John Green, Looking for Alaska.

It’s about a boy looking for a girl. (I can’t say to much because I don’t wanna spoil anything)


And finally, my eighth favorite is from John Green (I had a John Green period this year 😉 :-D), Turtles all the way down.

It’s a great book about a girl that has difficulties with her mind and learns to control it.

I haven’t read this one yet but it’s the next one I’m gonna read:


It’s from Karen M. McManus, One of Us is Lying.

It’s about five people that have detention, and one gets killed. Who killed him? (Don’t answer this question it’s just to make it exciting 😉 😀 )

Thank you Life Like a Galaxy Girl for recommending this book. I really want to read it.

That was it. I hope you liked, 😉 😀

Bye, -ChH

HARPs points: 19

PS: I don’t have any picture for The Fault in Our Stars because I lent it to a friend so she can read it.

HARPs contest – Harry Potter characters


Hello witches wizards,

This weeks HARPs topic is ‘List your favorite_______’. So I’m gonna list my favorite Harry Potter characters. 😉 😀

My all time favorite Harry Potter character is (I think you know it already),

Hermoine Granger!

She’s my favorite character because she’s strong and shows what girls can do.

My all time favorite character from the boys, and my second favorite is,

Scorpius Malfoy!

Because he’s so nice, and he’s just such a great character.

My third favorite is, Luna Lovegood!

She’s one of my favorite because everybody has a little bit of Luna inside themselves.

My fourth is, Neville Longbottom!

Because (*spoiler*) without him there wouldn’t be any wizarding world left. He’s also a great character.

And my fifth favorite character is,  Severus Snape!

He’s one of my favorite because he shows what love is.

That was it. It was a short post but there’s another one coming up soon.

Don’t forget to be youself!

Bye, -ChH

HARPs points: 5 (I got two words that star with Y: your and yourself)