How to get Chosen at Ollivander’s Wandshop?

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Hello witches or wizards,

Today I’m making a post about Ollivander’s wandshop at the Universal Studios.

I, of course, went to Ollivander’s wandshop. But one thing you need to know before you go there, is that they let you in not one by one but with a group of people. So in all the group they only choose one person (usually a kid or teenager) to live the experience of receiving your wand from Ollivander. The rest of the group watches you.

I got chosen by Ollivander, luckily 😀 . And I’m going to give you a tip how to be chosen, when it’s your turn, hopefully. It’s simple and something we’re all good at 😉 , show that you’re the biggest Potterhead in the room and show yourself. I did it by wearing my Hufflepuff tie.

That’s how Ollivander looked at me and said: ‘I see we have a fellow Hogwarts student in the room. Do you already have your wand?’. And of course I was like: ‘No.’. And in my head: ‘But I hope I will have it in five minutes 😀 .’ And so I became the chosen one (they called me like that, and I loved it! 😀 ).

If you don’t get to be chosen by Ollivander, there is a big wand shop behind the door of his office where everyone gets to buy his wand. And there you can choose a wand, they’re not character wands, they’re unique ones. But I think it’s more fun when you have the experience to get to be the chosen one. They also explain their composition, their skills, ect.

That’s it for my post today, I hope you all had a great first day of school back Hogwarts! I really enjoyed McGonagall’s speech this year 😀

Bye, -ChH

8 thoughts on “How to get Chosen at Ollivander’s Wandshop?

  1. Also if you don’t get picked after you can ask the person in the room if you can have a wand pick you. I didn’t get picked on my birthday so my dad asked if I could get picked and they told us to stay inside and he picked me when the next group came in.


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