Perfect gifts to give to Hufflepuffs

Hello witches or wizards, today I’m going to show you 6 perfect gifts to give to Hufflepuff, or to buy for yourself (even if you’re not a Hufflepuff). If it’s a specific gift I will leave you the link to the website.


Gift 1: A plant, Hufflepuffs are really good in herbology, and love plants. So, perfect gift.

Gift 2: You can give a Hufflepuff plant pot (with a plant in it, if you want), so that the person can show a little bit of Hufflepuff pride in the room. 😉 😀


Gift 3: A Hufflepuff sweatshirt, so that you can be relaxing with Hufflepuff proud. 😉 😀

Gift 4: A planner, so that even when you write notes you can be a proud Hufflepuff (that you can buy here).il_340x270.1303634326_nnu9

Gift 5: This super cute Mandrake pin (that you can buy here).


Gift 6: The Philosopher’s Stone in Hufflepuff edition.

That was it, of cours I’m going to do the same for the other houses. I hope you enjoyed it. 😉 😀

What’s your favorite gift? Mine is the planner.

Bye, -ChH

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