Harry Potter Christmas


Hey witches or wizard, it is almost Christmas, one of my favorite times of the year. 😉 And I’m going to give you some ideas of gifts that you can give to a Potterhead, or one for yourself.

1: From Primark there is this bag that costs 12£ that really hit me in the eye: R35397149792466-large

2: I found this socks that I found funny that costs 2,50£ also from Primark:N35397113284904-medium

3: A set of gloves, a scarf and a cap in your house color from the platform 9 and 3/4 shop at 44£ (when you will click on the link you will be on the Hufflepuff set):Hufflepuff_Knit_Bundle_Template

4: A mug that changes when you put a hot liquid in it from the Fnac at 14,99€: Mug-Heat-change-Harry-Potter-Maraudeur-ABYstyle-460-ml

5: And this beautiful Hogwarts pyjama from the Tesco PLC at 16£:


That’s it, hoped you liked it, you can always leave a comment. 😉

Merry Christmas!

Bye, -ChH

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Christmas

  1. I have this satchel and I love it so much – it’s SUCH good quality and still looks brand new even though I’ve been using it daily since September! Cannot fault Primark’s HP range 🙂


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