8 reasons to be happy to be a Ravenclaw

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Hello witches, or wizards, I was looking threw my previous posts and I saw that I only did ‘8 reasons to be happy to be a Hufflepuff‘ but I didn’t do it for the other houses. So I’m going to do it now, and I’m going to begin with Ravenclaw:

Reason 1: You’re not only intelligent and wise, but also creative and witty.

Reason 2: In the Horcruxes from the four houses, if think that the one from Ravenclaw is the coolest. I mean, the whole story behind it is just super awesome.

Reason 3: You have Luna in your house, one of the best characters in the whole story. I love her. 😉 😀

Reason 4: Have you seen your common room, if think I’m a little jealous. 😀 😉 You have a beautiful view on the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditich ground, the lake and the Herbology gardens. When you look at the plafond you see beautiful stars, and everything is in a beautiful blue. Of course the Hufflepuff common room is still awesome, but this one too.;-) 😀

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ravenclaw common room pottermore

Reason 5: You have your own library. I love reading, so I would love that.

Reason 6: Pottermore gives us 5 reasons you should be best friends with a Ravenclaw.

Reason 7: Lots of teachers come from Ravenclaw, so they won’t take that much house points from your house. 😀 😉

Reason 8: Your house colors are the best.

That’s it, I will also make a blog release like that about Slytherin and Gryffindor. You can always leave a comment. 😉 😀

Bye, -ChH

PS: My grandmother is a Ravenclaw 😀 😉


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