Harry Potter: Would you rather?


Hello witches, or wizards, today I am doing the Harry Potter quiz, “Would  you rather?”.

After I did the Harry Potter tag, I though I could do the “Would you rather?” too.

So, let’s begin:

Would you rather be attacked by cornish pixies, or mermaids?

By cornish pixies, because mermaids can be really mean.

Would you rather be killed by Bellatrix, or Voldemort?

I would say Bellatrix, but she tortures you before she kills you, so I say Voldemort.

Would you rather be good at Quidditch and bad at classes, or good at classes and bad at Quidditch?

I would rather be good at classes, because I’m a Hermione kind of girl. 😀 😉

Would you rather go to Hogwarts, or Ilvormorny?

Hogwarts of course, thats where the hole story happens.

Would you rather only be able to re-read the books, or re-watch the movies?

I would say re-read the books, because there are more details in the books than in the movies, but I love the movies.

Would you rather be stuck in a painting, or be a headless ghost?

I would rather be stuck in a painting, because than I would still have my head. 😉 😀

Would  you rather ride a Hippogriff or a Thestral?

A Hippogriff, because I would have the see someone die to see Thestral and I don’t really wan’t to see that.

Would you rather a master potioneer, or a expert duelist?

That is a really tricky question, but I’m going to say master portioneer, because I think it’s more useful.

Would you rather ride on a broomstick to travel, or disapparate?

I would say broomstick, but only for short travels, and disapparate for long travels.

Would you rather kiss Umbridge for 30 minutes, or name your firstborn something dumb, like Albus Severus?

I would rather name my first born something ‘dumb’ like Albus Severus, because I hate Umbridge.

Would you rather fight 10 basilisks sized chicken, or 1 chicken sized basilisk?

10 basilisks sized chicken because 1 chicken sized basilisk can eat me like a worm!

Would you rather be a Squib, knowing that magic exist but not be able  to use it, or not have magic at all?

Not have magic at all, I would be to jalous. 😀 😉

Would you rather go on a date on the shores of the black lake, or at Three Broomsticks?

At Three Broomsticks, it sounds so cosy there. 😉 😀

Would you rather be a member of the Dursley family, or from the Malfoy family?

Malfoy family, because then I would not be obsessed of being normal like the Dursley family. The Malfoy’s are nice when you’re part of there family.

Would you rather be a seeker, or a keeper?

A keeper, I always thought I would be a keeper if I played Quidditch.

Would you rather be a Hufflepuff, or a Slytherin?

Hufflepuff of course! 😀 😉

Would you rather be friends with Scorpius, or with Sirius?

Scorpius, because he’s a really nice guy in the Cursed Child.

Would you rather inflict the cruciatus curse on another person, or suffer it yourself?

I would rather inflict it on another person, but on someone mean, really mean.

So that was it, thank you for reading my blog release. 😉 😀

I got all this questions from a youtube video from Brizzy Voices, that you can watch here.

Bye, -ChH







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